Hello beautiful people, 
It has been a minute since I have posted but know that I haven’t forgotten about you all. I actually have been super into the word and having fellowship with the Holy Spirit that time has just gotten away from me. But no worries for God is a restorer of time and I have been instructed to write a blog about obedience. Before you say anything or close out give me a minute of your time. I grew up being the rebellious one out of all of my mother’s children. She would say stop I would go, left I’d go right, homework I would play, and so on you get the point. I have never been one to listen to authority because I always thought I have one life to live and I will live it my way. Who did  people think they were trying to tell me what to do?! I knew everything. Well needless to say if I knew everything I would have known the gift of obedience. With that gift I would have saved myself a lot of bad decisions, tears, scars, money, etc. Not saying obedience solves all problems, but it does help. Know that God is able to work everything out for our good so no worries. 

These past few weeks God and I, through the wonderful companionship of the Holy Spirit (yes He is a person)  were able to work on my strength in obedience. Through these experiences I have learned 3 important keys to maturing as a child of God and operating in obedience. 

1. Whether we like it or not we will ALWAYS have to listen to someone. Moms, dads, teachers, supervisors, husbands, wives, but most importantly God there will be someone who we have to obey. Obedience is the direction that allows us to accomplish something that will later impact our future. So learn it now. If it doesn’t hurt you, kill you, put you against God and He says do it. LISTEN 

2. God’s grace comes with obedience, and God’s grace is enough. Many don’t know that along with the wonderful gift of becoming a child of God you have a gift of God’s grace. This grace not only forgives the sins, but through the proper instruction of the Holy Spirit gives you the ability to no longer want to commit those old sins. This grace also can bring God’s favor. As the old saying goes “Favor isn’t fair”. Through God’s favor there will be many unexpected blessings that come forth because He loves His children and He loves to give us things. But just as we had to learn growing up you get rewarded for obedience and chastised for disobedience. 

3. Obedience brings protection. WHAT?! Yes you read correctly when you have that feeling of wanting to do things your way remember God sees further into the future than we can. We only see today. He sees long term. He knows that the decisions you make today will either give Him the control or Satan the control in the future. We may think that one decision has no affect but disobedience can put us 1, 5, 10 years behind where God wants us to be. Obedience saves time and the messy clean up of failure. Know maturity comes from obedience. 

This past week I think was the hardest week over the few.  I had a tough experience and I was struggling with the idea of really believing God to work a blessing out on my behalf. Then I had the idea of relocating, starting over, doing things my way because God will meet me where ever I am. I then asked God what was He waiting for, I have been being a good steward and showing Him EVERYTHING belonged to Him. But I was getting desperate because the situation was really hard and those who know me can tell you I struggle with patience. In the midst of me getting ready to say God I trust you but I think I am going to go with the decision to leave God told me to “Be still, Be quiet, and trust Him”. I’ve learned that when God tells you to do something LISTEN and it’s not a debate. Know God does love you but He can’t protect the way He wants to if you want to do things your way. He doesn’t interfere with our free will, He gives a way out but if we choose to do something He’ll allow us to do it. I’m sorry I am only 22 years old, God is the Creator and has ALL time. How can I tell Him what to do? Sad it has taken me 22 years to gain that small principle but what’s even more heartbreaking is it takes many of us a life time to get that lesson. So I said okay God you have it, it’s all yours because honestly there was no other way what I needed to happen would be able to get done. I  prayed, was in the word, played my Gospel music the anthem for me this week was James Fortune’s “I Trust You” and waited. The next day my blessing came through! By being obedient and asking God what He wanted instead of doing what I wanted I received the blessing and with every blessing comes a lesson. 

Moral of the story: Be obedient, trust God, lean on His Sovereignty, and ask for His grace. The blessing in obedience supersedes disobedience. Perfect story of the blessing in obedience and the danger in disobedience would be Moses. Through his OBEDIENCE God was able to save a nation. Through Moses disobedience and lack of faith Moses and the children of Israel remained in the desert for 40 years for a journey that should have only taken days; and Moses was only permitted to SEE the Promise land! All of the work God allowed Moses to do and all of the miracles Moses was able to witness and be used for, yet because of his disobedience God prohibited Moses from going into the promise land. You can check the story of Moses out in the book of Exodus starting at Chapter 2. 

Love you guys and be encouraged during the process, 

the Obedient one 

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