Where are all the Christians?

Hello everyone, 
I hope you all are doing well. So this is a quick blog because I just finished having a deep conversation with the Holy Spirit. I’m praying you all are doing the same and if not that God will bless you so that you may be able to hear and fellowship with Him as well. 

Anyways, in this conversation I was asked a question. “Why is it that there are more individuals following the nation of Islam than that of Christianity?” My first response was “IDK”. I then had a flashback to this past weekend in the car with one of my aunts. She is a Muslim and she spoke of how she and her sisters of the faith look out for one another. But there were other things I was informed` and reminded of by the Holy Spirit.

The things I have learned: 
Those associated with the Nation of Islam are wise with their money. 
They give back to their community. 
The show true love in the brotherhood/sisterhood. 
They study both the Bible and the Quran. 

Now I was stunned because I was then asked where were the Christians? I was then allowed to see how sad the church looked compared to that of the Nation of Islam. Please do not get offended I am just sharing with you all what was given to me in hopes that it will spark something in you as it did myself. Not judging and not saying all but quite a few resemble the following: 

Christians attend church once a week in their “Sunday’s Best”. 
They don’t tithe appropriately if it all. 
They only apply what they learned during the sermon not checking to see if it adds up to His word. 
We ignore those in need. 
We give back when we notice their is an opportunity for publicity. 
We judge, talk about, and ignore our brothers and sisters in Christ and those yet to be brought back home; or we judge them and make them feel unworthy of being in the “House of the Lord” when Christ said WE ARE THE CHURCH and to go and SHARE the Good News. Not gossip, share the new car, or Michael Kors you were blessed with yet your house is secretly in foreclosure. 

When is that last time you’ve seen a minister of Islam charged with embezzlement or caught committing adultery? 

The reason the Nation of Islam is flourishing in their denomination is because they are applying the obedience and principles we are given by God. But they miss the Salvation without Christ because there was only one begotten Son who shed His blood, died on the Cross, and rose from the dead. We are lacking and making a mockery of the work Christ did because we have accessed the Salvation and grace of God but we don’t exhibit the obedience and works commanded of us.  If we DID we would be going out and sharing God’s grace, we would study the Word which is where the power is, we would give to those in need and give to God what is His, we would love and forgive without a second thought. Our HEARTS and MINDS would be Christ centered instead of ME centered. Christ went out and gave to the poor, healed the sick, and spread the Gospel. WE were given that same ability through the acceptance of the Holy Spirit by confessing Jesus is Lord. (Matthew 10:7)

Remember I am not saying all Christians are like the stated above,  and I am not judging. I am just sharing with you all so that you may search yourselves as I have (and will continue to do daily)  to ensure we are walking daily in the fruits of the Spirit. (Galatians 5:22-23) That I won’t be held accountable for a brother or sister lost by my actions, and that I GO and share the Good News and the Gospel of Grace to whomever I am led so that they have an encounter with our Father and that they continue to pass it on. It starts with one and I chose to be that one. 

I’m hoping you all do the same. If you haven’t already, ask God for His forgiveness, acknowledge Jesus as the Lord, Sharpen your sword by STUDYING not skimming the word of God, ask for the Help and guidance of the Holy Spirit, and remember to share and give to others when you are able. Have a REAL relationship with the Father with help of the Holy Spirit  who guides and gives directions(John 14:26) ; and Jesus Christ who goes to the Father on our behalf. (John 16:23)

Let’s stop religion and live the lifestyle, 

Love always, 

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