Pursuing Happiness

Hello to my lovely readers, 
so I haven’t written in awhile just because time has gotten away from me and I refuse to just write something that isn’t heartfelt. Rest assured I am back on track and hope to be a little more consistent with my posts. On to the good stuff. 

 I have constantly searched for things to bring me happiness. I have looked for it in material things which caused me to stay in relationships that shouldn’t have gone past a hello. I have looked into the face of boys and men longing for them to assure me of my value and have attempted to put on a facade of love believing that if it were indeed love happiness although temporary would come. I have looked at the lives of celebrities, and love stories such as Romeo and Juliet and even Twilight to discover how I could find that happiness, that love, that joy portrayed on the screen and in books. With no luck, a broken heart, a few bumps and bruises, and many tear filled nights and fake smiles I am glad to say that happiness can be found and kept. 

Happiness is defined as the quality or state of being (dictionary.com) 

So after all of my looking and complaining about how EVERYONE else gets to be happy I have realized happiness is my own state of being. Well I wasn’t satisfied with that because if it were that easy to be happy wouldn’t everyone be happy all the time? We would smile more and frown less, hold our heads high, give hugs, smell the roses,  and the world would know peace. But it isn’t and as a strong believer in the word I had to see what my Father had to say about this touchy subject. Does He agree with the definition but most importantly how can  happiness be achieved in my own personal life. 

Psalms 144:15 “Happy are those who are like this; happy are the people whose God is the Lord. NCV 
Psalms 146:5   “Happy are those who are helped by the God of Jacob NCV
Proverbs 16:20 “Whoever trusts listens to what is taught will succeed, and whoever trusts the Lord will be happy. NCV 

There of course are many more scriptures but I find it interesting that in each of the scriptures it speaks of the Lord. When I look back over my life the happiest moments came when I was in the presence of the Lord, when I would fellowship with Him, and I longed to please Him. When I took out all of my selfish desires and just lived my life wanting to discover my purpose, and wanting to gain the Lord’s approval. When I only focused on the Lord and depended on Him my true friends were made known, the drama subsided, my finances and classes were in order, I had no worries even when test and trials were brought my way. As the New Year approaches I can honestly say I am truly happy. I don’t have everything I want but I have my health, I have loved ones, I have peace. My relationship has grown to the point where I have learned to be happy and anxious for nothing. That His Sovereignty is enough to keep me and that no matter what happens I will always be kept as long as I seek Him. I’ve been looking for happiness in human beings and in things but I didn’t look for it in the most beautiful Creator and now that I have I can say my pursuit of happiness is truly blossoming. I’m not guaranteed perfection but I am guaranteed that if I am steadfast and trust in the Lord He will use ALL things together for my good. That in itself makes me happy and should be enough to bring you happiness for He is NO respecter of man. He has given you Salvation through Christ, and grace to live a life of fulfillment and happiness. Seek Him and everything else will follow. 

My prayer is that the Holy Spirit guides you into a prayer life, and a relationship of your own that allows you to see that everything you need can be found in the Lord. That He manifests so greatly it draws others to the light that is sure to shine through you and that you too experience the happiness in a greater capacity than I have. 

Love and Blessings Always, 

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