Glass Houses and Heavy Stones

Hello all, 

so I have been MIA for good reasons, but God willing I will have a post at least once a week . Something that has been on my heart lately that my family has been struggling with is throwing heavy stones into each others glass houses. It’s sad to think that in times of weakness the ones closest to our hearts though  strained are the ones who have the words that shatter us the most. As if trying to make ends meet, raising children, watching over siblings, school, and/or dealing with false friends isn’t enough. So I decided to write about the glass houses we live in and the power of the stones we throw. 

We all (myself included)  have a glass house we live in. We are all destined at one time or another to make mistakes. We fall, we fail but we manage through the strength of God, family, friends, or just the courage to not want to be a failure get up and try again attempting to fix the damage we caused.   However in the midst of these trials we become hardened to the reality that EVERYONE is like that. We take it upon ourselves to look at another person and become angry at the fact that they did something to hurt or offend us. We become angry and allow it to build up, forgetting that we too may have offended someone and at a time where we feel the most offense pick up the biggest stones we can find and throw it as hard as we can at the house of another leaving another gapping hole for them to have to repair. Not realizing that when we do this we are leaving an opportunity to allow someone  come do the same to us. Creating a never ending cycle of repairing holes and throwing stones instead of building on our foundation that will allow us to withstand real trials outside of words of offense. 

I don’t know about you all but personally I have enough holes I have created myself that are hard enough to repair. I have learned that it takes a whole lot of strength and restraint to forgive and in the process of forgiving the stones that were thrown into my own home becomes a part of my foundation and in return makes my glass house able to withstand a little more to those outside who aren’t man or woman enough to watch over their own homes because they are afraid to look at their own damage. I have found that by focusing on myself and by wanting to help heal the wounds of others my once fragile state of mind can withstand more and things that once broke me don’t even bruise me. Instead of anger I have turned to forgiveness and loving others becomes easier. By doing this I create not only a peace in my life but a well of blessings. Eventually those who have thrown a stone or to into my home retrieve the stones and healing for themselves begin. If I had continued the cycle it would have never ended and I would much rather have a life full of happiness and peace then that of bitterness and anger. Its draining. 

We are told not to judge least be judged (Matt.7:1), forgive as the Lord forgives (Col. 3:13), to owe our brother nothing but love (Rom. 13:8), that wisdom makes us slow to anger, and our glory is in our capabilities of overlooking an offense, (Pro. 19:11)

I’m not saying it is an easy thing to do, but it leaves you in a better position because it makes you responsible on taking your life back. To prevent others from being the cause of why you can’t be happy to live the beautiful life God wills for you. You choose the type of home you live in and what you allow to penetrate the very foundation that is your life. I chose to be happy and to make forgiveness and love my foundation. My life isn’t perfect but it is a wonderful life. All because I made the choice to stop throwing stones and instead focusing on the areas that I found to hurt me the most. It has been a challenging yet rewarding life, and I can’t see what blessings are to come. 

You too have the same opportunities to build on your foundation and stop throwing stones. I hope you choose the wiser path that will bring you peace. 

Peace and blessings, 


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