Wake Up Call



Happy 2016!!!

I haven’t written a blog in forever and it’s just because I have allowed myself to become so “BUSY” trying to live life. More or less if others read it or not I just want to share my experience and challenge you all to get back to the basics of building a heartfelt relationship with Christ and join this journey with me.

I can be transparent enough to say that over the past year I allowed my fire to die down on my search for the one and only LIVING God. I remember at one time only wanting to be on my face, hungry for the Word and wanting nothing to come in between my love and relationship with Christ. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t want a relationship with Christ but I became so overwhelmed with wanting to “live” life that I kind of pushed Him to the back burner of prayer, a worship service here or there, and Sunday mornings where I would try to feed off a snack that my Pastor was given expecting for that to give me the strength to seek Him during my week. Days not seeking Him turned into weeks, months, and then a YEAR. Not saying that I didn’t spend time with God but where He once was my all in all He to me became a mere acquaintance. I allowed myself to become so consumed with work, raising a child, dating and now becoming a wife I stopped caring as much about the Savior of my soul. Was it intentional? NO! But do we ever mean to hurt the people we love most?

Though I am blessed to have a husband, church family, office family, and a wonderful support system with my family and friends I can say I have felt empty and as if something were missing. Though I still attend church I can say my interest hasn’t been focused on the Word. I can’t expect my Pastor’s message to fill the place of love and devotion that I once had with my Father. We have to stop looking to music, titles, and individuals who are human just as we are to fill the place where God can only be.

So I have made it my #1 goal to reintroduce myself to Our Father and to get to know the Father in the most intimate way. I have challenged myself to start off with one hour a day devoted to our Father with prayer, study and worship and allow Him to increase the time where He sees fit. I encourage anyone who wishes to get back to the basics of Learning and being lead by the Spirit to join in. I get it we all fall. But relationship with Christ isn’t about our failures as you see we are told in Romans 3:23-24 ” For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and all are justified freely by His grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus” and in Psalm 117:2 “For His loving kindness is great towards us, and His Truth everlasting.”

Despite what you may hear or what you may think God allowed you to come across this blog for a reason. As He has called me to a place of fellowship and intimacy I truly believe He is calling you. He is not taken aback from where you have fallen because in Jeremiah 29:11 states ” For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans for welfare and  NOT for evil. To give you a future and hope.”

It doesn’t matter if you’re a leader in the church, or a lost soul looking for something greater if you think you have fallen or feel that God is calling you back to Him please do not turn and run. God loves you and He wants you to be with Him now and in the place of eternity seated with Christ as it states in Romans 8:17 “we are children, heirs also, heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ, if we indeed suffer with Him so we may be glorified with Him.”

I am going to end this blog with a prayer and I encourage you to stay strong and keep your mind on Christ first and allow Him to direct your path and add unto you your portion. You are loved so much and if no one else tells you, know that you are precious in His sight.

Lord I thank You for your love and mercy. I thank You God for your grace and wisdom. Thank you for your guidance and drawing us closer to you Father God. Lord as You alone called me I know You have called my brother or sister to come across this post to come back to you as they have strayed. Lord I am praying that if there is anything that is standing in the way of you reaching their heart that you remove the obstacle and place people in their lives to help direct them back to you God. I am asking that you birth a hunger in them that can not be quenched by the word of man or by natural food but Your Word alone God. I am asking Father God that you so penetrate their lives God that their walk resembles yours that their mouths no longer wish to speak things that don’t resemble you God but they become a light in this world for you. Father I ask that you protect them from the hands of the enemy and if there is anything not pleasing in their lives to your sight God that you forgive them and you wash them in the blood of Jesus. That above all else God your will be done in their lives and that as they seek you Lord others may start to follow. Father God we thank you for the sacrifice you made by giving us your Beloved Son Jesus Christ on the Cross and we ask that Lord our relationships be a reflection of who you called us to be. If there are any burdens Lord that you remove them. and that you show mercy on all those who have done us wrong. Continue to teach us your ways Lord of prayer, fasting, reading, and acting on your Word as  continue to show us who You are. Bless the lives of all those who have come across this post.  In Jesus name and every heart says


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