Give Yourself a Break

“You have a friend in me.”-Toy Story

Okay. So somehow you ended up on this link thinking I need some type of inspiration because I feel like I am failing. You hear about all the women who can manage their careers, and still make time for family, self care, church, friends, romance, etc. 

You long to have someone understand that as hard as you try you are struggling to keep it all together because though it’s hard you love your husband/ significant other, children, career, and you wouldn’t trade them for the world. (Trust me I understand your struggle as I sit here typing my 1 year old tossed his 4 month old sister’s dirty diaper at me with a look of pure astonishment and amusement as I ask why.)

Just like you my house is in shambles and though I have made a pretty good attempt and being a good step ford wife my attempts just seem to be trampled on by my beautiful Tasmanian devil also known as Caleb. It seems as if we spend an hr or more going from one room to the next cleaning and in a matter of nano seconds it has miraculously been hit by mini tornadoes.  

You sigh as your husband/significant other questions what have you done all day and why you haven’t showered. Despite not knowing the chaos that ensued moments earlier. You just want to scream to let it all out. But what good will that do?

You are feeling far from sexy and just want to cave under the pressure. Am I right? If like me the above scenario seems like a mirrored scenario then know you are not alone. You have come to the right spot and I first want to send you a strong hug through your screen. 

Now let’s create a vibe, because despite how you feel at this very moment you deserve it. Place the toddler in the play pen, baby in the swing, and preoccupy your youngster with the devil box (it’s ok to laugh). Place your husband/significant other on duty and clock out.

Turn on some music, light a candle, and BREATHE! We have so much on our plates and I wanted to create a space where you can be free and find a group of individuals who feel the sting of not being the perfect mom. To have support, to share your stories, and to gain some skills to help you manage a little better if you so choose.

We are not failures! We are capable of being the awesome professionals, sexy wives, moms extraordinaire that society pressures us to be. We also aren’t robots. We need support and may not want to burden others with the oh so obvious truth. We too get tired and want to take the S off of our superwoman capes and turn them into Z’s. We want to take off the sweaty (and if you’re like me baby stained) shirts and trade them in for a spa robe. The juice cup for a nice chilled glass of Moscato and crying/ fighting of our children for our favorite artist on blast. 

So if no one else will say it I am here to say that YES you can take that much needed breath of fresh air with your house in shambles. The mess can wait your peace of mind can not. NO it does not make you a failure, bad wife, or mom. You deserve some peace and time to find your vibe. Once you have recharged your batteries you can check back in and become the beautiful wife, and best mom in the world. 

We are capable of so much more and I pray that my future content on parenting, marriage, wellness, organization, DIY’S, and spirituality will help inspire and encourage you to continue to be the most beautiful you that you can be.

Positive vibes and love your way.







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