Balancing Act

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Now on to business. If any of you are like me you have struggled from time to time on creating a good balance between work, cooking, cleaning, giving hubby time, making sure you connect with your beautiful babies, and somewhere on the bottom of all of the other responsibilities you have dropped the ball on taking care of  yourself! (If not God bless you because as the babies get older the further you push your needs to the bottom).

I used to envy the women who talked about how her house was clean, having  beautiful date nights with their husband/significant other, being able to have their kids in an activity, their savings growing, skin glowing, and they managed to make it to the gym!

Here I am, bags under my eyes, hair in a bun, clothes not fitting the way I desired. My husband asking when we were going to go out and my giving him a crazy look. 4 year old (at the time) wanting to go to ballet lessons and spend time with mommy and me feeling guilty because I just want her to be quiet and find something to do. My car acting crazy and savings on depletion trying to have faith for a new car with no loan because we really can’t afford another bill. Clothes everywhere, son is in a dirty diaper, and myself a very hormonal wreck just wanting to sleep. Forget hanging out with my friends who at this time stopped asking me to hangout because my favorite word was no and I always had an excuse. (Sorry loves it wasn’t the hubby it was really me not wanting to go out of pure exhaustion!)

I decided that there had to be a better way to get things done! I wanted the sexy me, fun mommy, desirable wife, and jokingly sarcastic friend back.  

And I’m going to give you the quick tips (if any of my friends on here can comment to let them know this is true TEA) on how I managed to create balance for myself so that I could have it all together. Now I am FAR from perfect but when I feel myself slipping I come back to this very list and things get whipped right into shape.

composition cute design diary

On to the tips!

  1. Create a plan! One of my favorite quotes is “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!”-Benjamin Franklin  I am going to link a few of my favorite planners for you guys. (Excited to announce you will be to purchase mine soon and Trust me it will be well worth the wait!)       Time is so precious as we know all to well. By making a plan whether it’s daily, weekly, or  monthly you find a way to MAXIMIZE your time.
  2. Set Daily Goals! Now I know this seems similar to number one because it is! LOL, however, by setting a daily goal for yourself you are able to stick to the plan more closely and it allows for variation because as we all know things happen. But a goals list creates excitement because you feel amazing knowing you were able to accomplish something. It’s better to finish something than to have a bunch of half completed tasks.
  3. Prioritize! I used to try to get everything on my planner complete and finish goals. Which I did, however I did at the expense of missing out on taking my daughter Faith to ballet, complaining because my husband wanted me to just sit and watch a movie with him and the kids, and still having things I wanted to get done lingering. So you must prioritize! Instead of trying to clean the entire house everyday create little tasks that you can get done everyday, and larger things scheduled for set days of the week. Example: My dishes, countertops, and floors in my kitchen get cleaned daily. I deep clean my kitchen once a week.
  4. Perfection is a MYTH! My husband and friends joke that I am Mrs.Perfect or Perfectionist at times. But the butt of the joke is they in so many words were calling me anal! If it gets done and it’s not perfect don’t get discouraged. The point is it was done. (Hence my daughter getting all of her clothes off her bedroom floor, just to be thrown on her closet floor. Eye rolls)
  5. Saying NO is ok and saying YES is even better! You have enough on your plate. You don’t have to say yes to every invention, or every request from your coworkers, peers, etc. You should say yes to an offer of help from your husband or significant other taking over a task. Sometimes we feel offended because someone offers to help. Look at it as an opportunity to get more done so that you can enjoy more time for the things that matter. Help does not take away from your superwoman demeanor. That S is gold glitter is still all you. Which leads me to the next tip.
  6. Delegate, delegate, delegate! If you have a significant other and children who are able to assist in getting things done then they should be able to help! My husband helps with cooking, laundry, etc. My 5 year old helps assist in cleaning her messes, cleaning her room, and her simple chores. My 1 year old is learning to put his toys away, and throw away his garbage. Children SHOULD have chores. It teaches them to be responsible. I’m not saying make them Hazel the maid or Cinderella. I AM saying teach them to be responsible now so they develop healthy habits to avoid slob monsters later. Check out my Pinterest page for cute post and ideas of delegating  appropriate chores for children based on their age. There is no I in team but there is an I in Family!
  7. Set systems! Something I found to be helpful in being able to really balance was creating systems for myself (as you will see on my channel coming soon). I have managed to save SO much TIME by having systems in place. My daughter has a system for her clothes, shoes, toys, books. I have a system on meal planning (which I recently have gotten into and I honestly LOVE), how I choose to clean my house, etc. It takes time to get in the habit of working the systems. But they systems WORK if you use them. As my husband will attest to.
  8. Have fun! It’s ok to miss a goal to be present. I once heard that our parents and children are getting older. To spend time with them now because one day your parents won’t be there and the little baby you once carried will be on his/her own and you’ll be sad you have an empty nest. Enjoy the moments. Listen to the silly stories and cherish the moments your child wants to spend time with you. Call your parents and visit with them because sadly one day those will become memories as they are gone. Laugh at your husband or significant others corny jokes and attempts at wooing you. Because those will be the memories you cherish. Not your sparkling kitchen floor or completed laundry lists of tasks.

Hoping you got through this post and will try some of my suggestions to find balance. The balanced life isn’t always having everything perfect. But by having systems in your daily routine you create time to embrace those beautiful imperfect moments.

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