Fitness Friday

Happy Friday!!!!!

Short post while the troops are eating lunch and the Jessye takes her nap.

Let’s talk about Fitness!!!

Since having Jessye in May via C-section I have been doing what I can to get rid of this mommy weight. Breastfeeding would have been the ideal way with some light cardio. However, I have to Exclusively Pump because my princess wants to eat when she’s ready, quickly and refuses to latch.

(No judgement please as I have done all I can to try with her. Her pediatrician is happy with her growth and so are we.)

So I had to try something else out to get this weight off so I can be happy, healthy, and feel my best! I of course have changed my eating style, make sure I drink plenty of water (120 oz a day minimum), and some light workouts at home that are equipment free are doing the trick as I am not a big fan of the gym. I also love fitness guru Agostina and have her beginner workout and diet plan available for download on her website.

( Again not sponsored! But her body is FIERCE and she makes herself available for women via Snapchat questions and Live Q&A’s on IG.

I have been inconsistent but I figure fitness Friday could be just what I need to get back to it!

Disclaimer: Please make sure you consult a physician before trying any of these workouts. Also, if you are not familiar with some of the form required for the activity please YouTube or google it. I prefer YouTube as I am a visual Learner.

Workout bought to you by Pinterest and PopSugar. Link below!

group of woman in yoga class

Photo by bruce mars on

I pace myself within the 30 minutes – 1 hr. husband gives me to myself. But with the 5 AM wake up I am starting I will def include the workout then because I felt my best when I did.  I make sure I have my smoothie or protein bars ready to go for that recovery. Along with some water with lemon!

Hope you guys will join along with me in getting fit and staying healthy to find the perfect balance for you.

Hugs and prayers for a safe & productive weekend!





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