Organization Series:How to identify your style of organization

A happy Monday to my beautiful readers!

If you are a returning reader welcome back and if you are new welcome! 4mommyvibez is  a blog that focuses on the joys of family, faith, fun, wellness, and organization. So you will see topic choices associated with those important aspects of many of our lives. I have a vlog coming soon so you guys will get to join me and get to see what life is like through my eyes! Don’t forget to follow so you are able to stay connected for future content.

Enough about that let’s get into Today’s blog. Welcome to the Organization Series! If you have any great content on home systems that work for you then please share in the comments. Today’s post is identifying your style of organization so that we can later determine the best method for you and your family!

As someone who has fallen in love with the joys of organization because I mean who doesn’t love a way to make your daily tasks easier? I decided to start a business from it, though I have taken a break because I have two very small children and a 5 year old. I do still keep up with the trends as there are many so that I can share them with my friends and family who seem to struggle with staying ahead of the mess! Whether by fate or coincidence you lucky readers are going to be able to identify your style of organization and method in order to get ideas on how to organize your home so that it flows better and you will have more time to spend enjoying the things you love!

If you would like to have a personal plan put into place just send me an email and I will do my best to assist for a small fee from my virtual organization plan. Just make sure to mention you follow my 4mommyvibez blog for that discounted rate!

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Let’s get to it!

  1. Determine the time you have to commit to cleaning during the week. I base my clients organization system for their home based on the time they are able to designate to cleaning their homes during the week. Are you able to clean your whole house in one day or are you someone who can only spare 1 hour a day? The key here is to identifying your capabilities not the next woman’s.
  2. Determine the best method for yourself. Are you a minimalist meaning the fewer things to pick up the better? The Konmari Method would be best suited for you (this is the method celebrities and Youtubers are raving about!) It’s focus is to simplify the home with cool tones that make your home feel amazing. Are you someone who loves colors and patterns associated with one another? Color coding would suit you the best. What about size, shape, material or maybe alphabetical order? The sorting method would best suit you. If you are someone who just wants things to look nice in no specific fashion then you just require a basic storage package that maximizes space.
  3. Determine the type of home you have and then then determine the type of home you want. We all have seen Khloes home with her pantry and cookie jar set up. Are you that everything has a place and that place has a color type of individual? Are you that I have some type of organization going on but it just needs to be de-cluttered? Maybe you’re the no specific order type but it’s clean. Finally you’re the individual’s who home is a complete mess, nothing has a place and nothing is organized. Remember no judgement we’re just trying to determine the method that will work for you!
  4. Set your goal! Here is the fun part from what you have identified from the previous steps it’s time to decide what style of home you’d like for yourself. Would you like the minimalist type of home where you have storage, basic colors such as white, beige, and gray? Would you like the beautiful color system where each room has a color scheme such as kids room red, living room blue, etc? The sorted house where everything has it’s place and storage for everything? Are you just the mom who will be happy with a storage system to maximize space that will be easy for you and your troops to put up in no time? *Keep in mind if you are going to delegate tasks you want to make sure the method you choose can be easily adapted by your family. Be realistic when determining the method you want to implement in your home.

The key here isn’t just to have a beautiful home. It’s to have a system or systems in place that suits your family, makes cleaning more efficient,  and maximizes the time for you to spend with them.

Next Monday, I am going to give you my system on how to properly de-clutter your home (paper, clothes, toys, etc.) and purge so that you can identify the storage system that will work for your home. I hope you  take this week to really think of the points posted above so that we can become organized together in order to find the right balance for you and your family.

Tomorrows post we’re going to focus on Meal Planning like a boss!

With love


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