Try It Thursday: Date Night

Welcome back beautiful readers, if you are new to the 4mommyvibez blogs forum a warm hello. My name is Ashley and I hope you enjoy this post, if so please make sure to share and follow for future content!

As you guys can guess from the title today we are going to talk about date night! I know we all get a little over whelmed with our careers, our troops, and other responsibilities that next to ourselves the next thing to be placed on the back burner is romance. Which is why we have to make our significant others a top priority by having date night!

Now I know you guys have heard the old dinner and a movie, maybe a show, or bowling. I am here to give a different perspective. I’m not saying those things aren’t nice to engage in because I love a good dinner and a movie. However, I am saying that we should try to keep a little spice in our lives and show our lovers how much they are appreciated, and desired.  If you are single you can use this as time to give yourself a little TLC.

I’m sure some of you are clutching your pearls, and if you aren’t in a relationship don’t sweat it love you can treat yourself to something similar because in order to love someone else we have to love ourselves first okurrr (not intended for copyrighting). So let’s take a look into some more sensual date night ideas and rekindle that spark. For my single ladies giving yourself that quality time you deserve after all the things you put up with.

*Disclaimer: This blog is not for the faint at heart. Please be advised that some things may be found to be inappropriate for younger viewers. Don’t worry I have some family fun coming up but if your child is within eyesight and can read I would hold off until you can get some alone time. Thanks management. 

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Now on to the fun:

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  1. Set the vibe: It’s date night, so lets get the troops settled early. If you have older children it’s time to delegate! Make sure that they help with clean up, baths, and story time. Goodnight troops hello sexy time. As Bob Marley would say, “Turn the lights down low.”  Light some candles, pull out a sexy number, (if you really want to spice it up may I recommend a costume from a fantasy of choice). Place out some rose petals, a nice comfy throw, some oils for the massage that will come later. A sexy playlist of music you enjoy together (we have a mixture of jazz, R&B, soul, etc.) Have dessert on stand by and have those wine, or champagne flutes chilled. If you are not a drinker may I recommend a nice chilled sparkling cider or sparkling punch. If you are stumped on how to set the mood because it’s been awhile refer back to the old handy dandy google or Pinterest pages.

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  2. Have your love come into a warm environment, hand them a glass, lead them to the bathroom where you have a nice bath drawn or hot shower running. Make sure you have some sensual scents burning in the background. Have something nice and comfortable laid out. This gets them ready for the rest of the evening. *For my singles you can do this for yourself. Their is no shame in taking time for you!

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  3. Dinner: Let’s make sure that we do something special for dinner! Look up a recipe your honey has been wanting to try.  You can also choose to do takeout to save time. *For my single ladies it’s all about fulfilling your desires, no calorie counting at this moment.  Remember to keep courses light and portion sizes small, we don’t want anyone getting too full that they aren’t able to enjoy the coming festivities.  Don’t worry you can always come back to a meal after the festivities or use it to refuel. You could always skip to the dessert if it’s been awhile (wink).

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  4. Let’s warm up: Now that dinner has been had it’s time to get those muscles warmed. Take some warm oil (my favorite mix is warm coconut oil, jojoba oil, and sweet almond oil with a few drops of an essential oil of choice) you could also purchase some warming oil from your local pharmacy, target, Walmart, or Toy store.  Start with the hands and work your way through their body. Don’t rush, let them know it’s all about them and then switch places. *My single ladies grab that massager (if you don’t have one amazon, and some Toy Stores such as Adam and Eve have some nice affordable hand held ones available.)

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  5. Game time. If you aren’t too comfortable with foreplay (I call it game time) or if you are interested in trying something different from the norm can I recommend: or search their tag on Pinterest. They have tons of ideas that can def get your creative juices flowing and help get you in that zone. This is where dessert can come in. Remember to have fun! *Single ladies if you aren’t comfortable taking care of yourself I can say that you can end the night here with a good book, nice dessert, or movie.

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  6. Main Event: As Marvin Gaye would say “Let’s get it on.” Let’s not be lazy ladies, we  should put in some effort and fulfill our lover’s desires. Try some new positions (if something is uncomfortable try something else). This is not the time to be embarrassed or feel like you are being judged. Trust me, bae will enjoy the effort.  If you don’t know where to get some fresh moves can I recommend googling some things you may be interested in before hand or some things your love may have mentioned they were interested in.


One thing I have learned is that the more effort in wanting to please your love the more that it can be reciprocated. Enjoy your evening, if you aren’t trying to expand your family please make sure to use protection and proper precautions. Remember that though we get busy we should not neglect the ones we love (ourselves included) because life is hard enough and finding balance doesn’t mean skimping on the romance or beautiful intimate moments.



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