Family Fun: Indoor Campout

Thank God for Fridays and thank you for stopping by.

It’s the weekend and you guys know what that means. Family fun! This week Josh and I have decided to do a campout! But since we have little ones we’ve decided indoors would be best. I thought it would be a fun activity to share with you guys in case you were thinking of activities to do with your troops!

Not only is it a fun idea but it’s also very inexpensive (if you already have some of the supplies it could be free)!  My husband has been talking about camping with the littles and I decided this would be a happy compromise. (I don’t do the outdoors very well especially with a 5 month old Jessye and no running water.) If this isn’t something you guys would be interested in check out Pinterest for some other ideas. Just search and voila you have an activity you guys can enjoy!

4BE69FF8-5D23-423D-B6C1-7D02474F5D39(Picture credit goes to Pinterest poster)

Now on to our Game Plan:

1. Set the atmosphere: It’s easy for my husband and I to set up the forest feel. We have beautiful trees right outside our patio door! But to make it feel more like the great outdoors we have some cute star wall decals! We’re going to pull out the blow up mattress and large comforters/sleeping bags. Flashlights for storytime and I’ll also be using the fake fire set up (Instructions below) and outdoor noises provided by Pandora.

D.I.Y. Campfire


Sticks or loose wood from outside

Used toilet paper or paper towel rolls

Brown Marker

Large Fake LED candle from the dollar store or Walmart.

Hot Glue gun or E6000 glue (dollar store)

Poster Board


1.Use brown marker to make woodlike patterns on toilet paper rolls. Place LED candle in center of poster board.

2. Align wood/sticks, paper towel and toilet paper rolls around the candle. Then insert coals into empty spaces.

3.Once you have the arrangement you’re going for glue coals, sticks, and rolls in place with hot glue or E6000. Let dry.

4. When it gets dark enough turn on LED candle. Boom beautiful, SAFE campfire.


2. Menu: For our menu we’re going for that campout feel so some warm soup, grilled sandwhiches, fruit, and it wouldn’t be a campout if we didn’t add SMORES!!! Hubby is making his amazing beef stew, we’re talking potatoes, carrots, celery, peas, onions, tender beef chunks. I’m grilling up some yummy grilled cheeses. Our fruit of choice would be sliced apples of course. (I may add Caramel sauce for dipping).  To drink we’ll have a nice cold apple cider provided by Aldi’s. Finally s’mores: Graham crackers, Marshmallows, Hershey bars. I may even get fancy and add a little peanut butter.


3. Games: It wouldn’t be much fun without games! My husband and I have a cute game where we are going to play charades with the kids.  We’ll be using this list I picked from Pinterest. We’ll also be playing I spy. Caleb is a little young (he’s the one year old)  but he likes to mimic whatever everyone else does so he’ll enjoy the games just as much as Faith (5). We’ll also have silly string and pillow fights lol. Whatever we can do to burn off that energy from their sugar rush. Lol


4. Ending: We’ll end the night with movie snacks (my homemade trail mix, chocolate chip cookies, and warm tea or coco) and a few of our favorite movies such as Brother Bear and Emperor’s New Groove. The night wouldn’t be complete without cuddles, stories, and laughs.

I hope you guys have a beautiful weekend with your families.

With love,


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