Organization Series: Let’s Talk About Systems

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Today we’re going to continue our organization series. Today’s topic is going to be all about systems. Now I know some of you rolled you eyes but systems don’t only keep you functional, but they can be aesthetically pleasing, and if you stick to them even fun to keep up! I promise you I’m not a mad woman, well maybe a little. But my 5 year old loves the systems I’ve chosen because they are easy for upkeep and if you have high functioning needs children it can help them manage with more ease. (I’m not a therapist I am just a mom saying what has worked for my family.)

There are many systems to work from but I’m going to give a basic breakdown of the types of systems and use my family systems as an example.

*Stay tuned for my vlog series that’ll be posted on Wed. coming soon on setting up systems in the home. My family and I recently moved so I have decided to seize this opportunity to show you how I keep my family organized. Nov. 2018!

pile of covered books

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Paper systems

We all have had the drawer or counter where we have stored our paper clutter. Always using the excuse I’ll come back to it later. Before we know it our later turns into weeks, weeks to months, and then we’re stuck with piles of paper we dread having to go through. We don’t want to throw the piles away because there may be something important in the mix thus the importance of a paper system.

Of course your first thought is to let me get a filing drawer, bin, etc. But then you will just end up with bins/drawers stuffed with the papers around the house.

My tip: Simplify

1.Go paperless for the things you can such as bills, bank statements, and coupons.

2. Create a filing system for things like your monthly financial plans and budgets. Create an important documents binder for important paperwork your family needs such as records from your physician, insurance plans, wills. etc. and store it in a secret location so they are accessible at a moment of emergency. Keep certified copies of those documents in a safety deposit box at  your banking institute.

3. In with the new and out with the old. If you have a monthly newspaper or magazine subscription recycle the old one. If there is something you MUST keep such as a recipe take a photo of it and store it in a file on your computer.  For things like coupons have a coupon binder (I tell you how to coupon and how to create a system for your coupons  in my coupon manual. Email me for purchase

4.If you MUST keep paper for things because of a home business make sure you keep a filing drawer. Organize by topic, date, and alphabetical order with labeled file tabs.*You can also scan copies on to a trusted device, as well as a portable USB drive in case an accident arises.

The idea came from working as a Leasing Consultant. I hated having tons of paper everywhere and needed to make my job more efficient for my fellow coworkers and potential tenants.

A8A8D3DD-FFDA-48E6-81F6-589B00DEF994Clothes and shoes

If you are someone with a lot of clothes Ikea and the container store has some AMAZING clothes systems available that you can customize based off of your family needs. If you aren’t the type who wants to spend money on those systems no fear continue reading.

My Tip:Bins, Hangers, and Storage Containers

Many of us are aware of the seasonal bins. If you aren’t all you are doing is switching out the clothing for your home by season. The clothes and shows for the current season is then organized into 4 categories: Home, School, Play, Outing. This way your children (and spouses know where they can find an outfit and shoes by need. I can’t tell you how this tip has not only saved me time, but money because I am able to identify clothes and shoes needs and donate the things they have outgrown at the end of each season. This also makes decluttering a breeze!

For dirty clothes use a dirty clothes sorter available for purchase from Amazon. Not only are they life savers for keeping clothes sorted by color, but they are easy to transport as well!

I take an OCD route because I feel it just looks better but I use the Konmari folding method, and hang things by color, size, material.

This idea came from working at an Old Navy in college. I loved how easy it was to locate the size and color of item I wanted. Also, I hate ironing so anything that can ease the task.


Toys and Books

I am the type of person who will allow my kids to throw toys around the house. But they do have bins when it is time to clean up. Books of course are stored in bins on their book case. Bins are assorted by type i.e activity, writing, story etc. They also have containers for puzzles (my 5 year old loves puzzles), art supplies, etc.

My Tip:

Colored bins. My children know that if they want a certain book or activity there is a bin they can go to. Not only is it a great way to minimize things being tossed around but it is also a great way for them to learn about their colors! When it comes to clean up they know which color bin they took the items from and toss it in. This leaves less work for mommy!

This idea came from nannying. I needed to find a way to help my kids find what they needed without making my job harder when it was time to clean before having them transition into their night routines.


Closets seem to be one of the biggest issues I come across when organizing space. The issue comes from not maximizing the opportunity for space. They throw things in not really caring how and then one day an avalanche of things comes falling on top of you.

My tip:

Door hangers baksets/ bins. You can easily locate a Thrift store or good well and upcycle or re-purpose bins and baskets for cents! Anyways, grab an inexpensive door hanger with slots for things you can easily retrieve such as cleaning supplies. (A great way to prevent the troops from having access to them.) For the bins you can neatly line them with your linen and towels. For sheets easily fold them and place them inside one another to maximize shelf space. For toilet paper and paper towels neatly place stack them in your containers for easy access.

This idea came from a Pinterest Post. I loved how easy and appealing it looked.


We touched on meal planning in one of my other blog posts. (see Meal Planning Like a Boss). Meal planning helps you keep track of the food supplies you need for the home. Food used to go to waste and yet I would still have a pantry of food!

My tip: Meal planning and Labeled Storage Containers

Meal planning helps you identify what you need! Of course there are the miscellaneous snacks and special treats. But if you meal plan you avoid having cans, packets, thrown all over the place without you having to wonder if it’s still good.

I organize my pantry shelves with bins based off of use such as pasta, snacks, baking, etc. I make sure to store the things that need to be used on top/front, so that it doesn’t go to waste. I got the idea from a friend who worked at a grocery store back home.

64DF9E58-8CF6-47B2-B0BE-56C6D453A9A8Final Tip: Command Centers

Having a command center saved my life! No really. It simplified everything for me and the great thing is you can customize it however you want. I personally use a calendar so my husband and I can keep track of everything happening in the month and add it to our personal planners. We have bins on the desk labeled In and Out. In this bin are folders where my daughter puts her things  from school. It has helped me keep track of the assignments she needs to complete,fundraisers, forms that need to be signed, etc. There is also a note pad where my husband and I can write notes so we don’t forget things, a key hook for our keys duh. A place for our wallets, checkbooks, etc.

Have fun with your command center! Remember it is there to help you create balance not become another chore.


I hope you guys gained something from this blog. If you have any tips or would like for me to touch on something in regards to organization from my experience please feel free to comment below or send me an email. I am currently taking clients for my Professional Organization Business on a virtual level! If this is something you feel you would be interested in please send me an email

Happy organizing


Photos brought to you by google images. There are no intentions of copy infringement. For photos of actual organizing please stay tuned for the upcoming vlog series.

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