Wellness Wednesday: Let’s Talk Weightloss & Fitness

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For our Wellness Wednesday topic we’re talking about weightloss and fitness. As a mommy of 3 it get’s difficult at times finding the energy let alone the time to workout. I mean of course it’s the waking up before everyone at 5 AM, but that’s like an impossible task when you have teething babies and colds. You’ll hit that snooze button with no problem.(This has been my past week.)

So do I just not workout? Of course I do, this baby weight isn’t going to drop itself. So then how do I fit in a workout to maintain balance when I’ve been inconvenienced? Keep reading to findout!

B13F7BAB-6008-420C-9E8F-6E1F26A58F12Disclaimer: Before attempting any form of  physical activity please consult a physician to make sure that you won’t be causing yourself any harm. Also, make sure you consult a trainer or YouTube step by step to ensure you have the proper form to prevent injuries.

0D6FCE50-8679-44B8-9967-F1BB9B617B5A      (Photo of me as I put these items into practice after Faith.)

For someone who is at a healthy weight according to a study done by Harvard’s School of public Health should have at least 1 hour a day to maintain that weight. According to the same study someone who desires to lose weight with a healthy diet should aim for 30 minutes of intense physical activity a day. I like to check my sources so of course I found a study by the American Heart Association who’s recommendation pretty much aligns with that of the Harvard Study. Links to the studies can be found below for further information.



Of course in order to determine what it is we need personally all depends on our goals. My personal goal is to get back into a healthy weight as well as to tone. I am a firm believer in investing in your health so I am willing to do whatever it takes to get there. I hate the feeling of not being able to keep up with my babies. I mean hello people I am only 26. But beyond that I am not a big fan of doctors and hospitals and know that if I don’t take care of myself NOW I risk having to deal with them later.

Even if you may be a little older and feel like it’s nearly impossible, you don’t have the money to invest in trainers, don’t know where it is you would start. Let me help you out. Below I’ll be giving you my tips that have helped in my weight loss journey and note if you follow these all so easy steps I guarantee you will start to see results and that will continue to further the healthy lifestyle you desire.

A9E539BC-0FCB-4A34-91B6-7585F9CC639B(Photos of Weightloss Journey with Caleb. I lost a total of 60 lbs in 5 months. But had to stop 30 lbs short of my goal due to my pregnancy with Jessye)

1. Determine your goals. What is it that you desire for your personal health? Write it down and be specific. Aside from wanting to look nice and have energy my main focus on wanting to be healthy comes from knowing I have a family history of obesity that leads to heart disease, stroke, and diabetes all before 70. I desire to live a long and healthy life to enjoy my family and travel.

2. Get a physical and see a dentist. If you don’t have insurance search the internet and find your local health department to findout where you can have an affordable exam. People underestimate the importance of speaking to someone about their health and end up missing key information that would help them prevent major health complications that could have been avoided by just seeing a physician once a year! We of course need to see a primary, a gynecologist, and dentist. But come on let’s take a pledge today to seeing each of these once a year. There is no balance if our health suffers.

3. Determine a course of action. So you’ve done the first two steps let’s determine what it is we need to do to get the end results we desire. I know for myself I needed to change my diet, (not that I ate poorly but I could have done better because I have a major sweet tooth!) I also know that I HATE working out. I used to look at sweating as something a woman never should do. But as I’ve gotten older and foundout the benefits I’m all for it. So my course of action is as follows:diet,detox, excercise.

• Change my diet: Increase greens, fruits, and healthy proteins. Limit processed sweets, sugar. Drink my WATER! I drink my weight in water. You can do this by checking the water index chart on the healthline website  (https://www.healthline.com/health/how-much-water-should-I-drink) or following this simple equation: (https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.goodhousekeeping.com/health/diet-nutrition/amp46956/how-much-water-should-i-drink/)

current weight/2.2xage/ 28.3= ounces of water that should be consumed daily. To convert into cups divide that  number by 8. For those who are active (which we WANT to be) add an extra 12 ounces!

•Detox. I’ve touched on detoxing and the importance of it in a previous blog. For more information check out the blog on  DIY Cleanses.

• Exercise. Because I desire major results (halfway to my goal) I have acquired the help of some friends who are personal trainers. (Checkout their fitness pgs on IG (Leek.fit and heartcore training) let them know Ashley sent you. Both are instrumental in helping develop some workouts that fit my personal goals at an affordable rate. However, prior to them I just took what I desired to get me to this point to drop the weight and searched workouts on Pinterest. I determined the right workouts by this criteria:

-Area I desired to target that day. In a college course I took I learned that you want to give muscles time to heal and you do that by switchicibg up areas of your body you want to condition a few times a week. That’s why you see trainers saying ab day, leg day, core, etc.

-Intensity. Of course if you’re new to a workout you want to start slow and light and work your way up. So for an intense day starting out I want to focus on cardio. I stretch, and I would take a 30 minute walk where I would speed for 5-10 minutes slow stride for 5-10 minutes etc. for 30 minutes as my warm up. Then for the next 30 minutes I would do something like a fitness workout I got from Pinterest, my Agostina Fitness DVD, Zumba for Wii, etc. Anything that would keep my heart pumping.

-Type of Workout. There are 4 types of workouts one needs to achieve good physical health. Aerobic, balance, strength, and flexibility. Checkout (https://www.health.harvard.edu/exercise-and-fitness/the-4-most-important-types-of-exercise) for more information.

4. SLEEP. You can google the benefits of sleep and your health on your own. The studies I’ve found are astounding! Though I haven’t been able to get the sleep I desire I have made sure to get a nap and rest in throughout the day and delegate to my husband! So let’s make it a priority to power down our devices, and increase our rest Ben if it’s just by 30 minutes.


(Photo of Me today. In the process of losing the weight after Jessye. I was 212 on the day I had her. Currently at 150. 30lbs away from my goal!)

I hope the information I provided can help you kickstart your weightloss and fitness goals. For an idea of workouts I like to do that are free with instructions checkout the workout board on the 4mommyvibez Pinterest page. If you would like to use my personal trainers feel free to hit them up on IG. I’m a person who likes to see results and they constantly post their results as well as their clients. Plus they have great integrity so I know I can trust they will help get the results you desire with your own personal fitness plan. For more tips stay tuned to our Wellness Wednesday future blogs. Starting in November you’ll be able to see all of the wonderful things I’ve mentioned in action as I will be launching our 4mommyvibez Vlogs and I would love to have you guys join in as once a month I’ll be having  live q&a to help answer any questions you have. If I’m not able to answer though I do like to do research I would do my absolute best to findout from a Professional in the field.

Best wishes on your balanced healthy lifestyle,



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