Friday Fun: Let’s Talk Vision

Hey guys happy Friday!!!!!

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So let’s get into today’s topic: Let’s Talk Vision. As you guys know I have 3 beautiful children Faith 5, Caleb 1, and Jessye 5 months. I have so much I have envisioned for them and just like you guys want for your troops I too want them to reach their full potential.

In order to do this I must start with myself. If I want them to be happy, healthy, wealthy, and successful then I must be those things. As humans we learn by habit and by example.

This by far may not be an easy task considering life happens, we make mistakes and those mistakes discourage us. But I want to encourage you today to decide to continue to overcome those hurdles. We do this by making a plan.

My husband Joshua and I have been talking a lot about what we desire for our family and ourselves separately. Starting this blog was actually one of the things I’ve wanted to accomplish for awhile now. But procrastination and self doubt would deter me. No more!

If my blog does nothing else I desire for it to reach those who have long lost their desire to want more for themselves and their families and give them a little nudge to get back in the game. Because if you have breath in your body you have the possibility to reestablish vision for your life. There is more than that role you decided to settle into.

Fridays and Saturdays are reserved for family fun. But sometimes we like to throw a little bit of imagination and lessons for our kids to let them see they can have ENDLESS possibilities. The only limits and boundaries we have are those we set for ourselves (I mean of course obey the laws and statues of your country) but when it comes to desire it’s limitless.

So this week my husband and I decided to do a family vision board. Now I know most people say this is reserved for a new year thing. But why wait? The sooner you start a thing the sooner you get a DESIRED result! We of course have time set aside for ourselves but our children have a part to play in this. We have our vision for what we want to happen but, I want my children to see that what they desire can come to pass if they just follow the process: see, believe, apply, receive, and give thanks. This sets them up for an amazing future by learning how to do it now! (Especially since this is the time in life where they are most likely to listen to dad and I. Lol)

4B3B179C-FDBD-4716-A0D6-393A4FE0A1F9.jpegIf only my friends or church members could comment I am sure they would agree that Faith has this down to a T. We’ve been teaching Faith this formula since she was 1.5. If she sees something she desires she’ll ask for it. She’ll claim it even if she doesn’t physically possess it. (She just knows). She’ll ask what does she need to do to get it, she rushes to do it. Then BOOM she possesses whatever it is and is just the most thankful child. This surpasses what Josh and I can give her.

Example: We were at a restaraunt late one night. She sees this balloon, and she asks if she can have it. I didn’t know if it was a prop so I told her I’ll get her one another day. We get our food and she says “I really want that balloon you guys.” Josh sees this as an opportunity to work on her faith and tells her to pray for it. On our way out the hostess stops us and says they have one balloon left and Faith can have it if she would like! Faith goes “I told you that I could have it.”

If it works for a 3 year old (just imagine how much more she has been able to obtain in the past 2 years.) Imagine the possibilities you all could have!

What You’ll Need

You’re Vision

Poster Board





Words of Affirmation and your desires for what you’re putting on the board. Homes, schools, vacations, money, cars, etc. there is no limit! Just make sure you believe that these things you place are attainable for YOU!

So my hope for you guys is that you join us this weekend on creating a vision board for you and your family. Apply the formula or process Josh and I have learned to lean on for our desires and have passed on to our kids. (Because as sure as there is breath in my body I can assure you they have worked for us!)

If you do this activity I only request that you email me once some of your goals from your board comes to pass because I’m that certain they will!

Have a great weekend!


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