Let’s Talk Bullying

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Let’s talk bullying. If you are like me I was unaware that October was also the month for Bully Awareness! Faith came home from school with a sheet that stated how her school was going to honor this cause and I wanted to inform you all as well!

Many of us suffered some form of bullying in our lives. Mostly in our youth we were taught the song or phrase “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”  It’s safe to say that phrase was WRONG and words do indeed hurt.

With access to social media on the rise bullying is at an all time high. Where we once could get away from taunting and verbal abuse. Our children now may feel they have no escape.

Kids are constantly heckled and abused at school and they later come home and receive even more abuse over the internet.

DC1D1491-777A-475D-9CFD-07D50090DE59Because of this depression and anxiety have increased immensely. With that comes increased drug and alcohol abuse. When that doesn’t suffice children then resort to the only thing they feel will numb the pain. SUICIDE.

I type this with tears in my eyes as I have seen several articles of young children who have succeeded in taking their own lives because of bullying. Children like:

15 year old- Amanda Todd, Hanging

8 year old- Gabriel, Hanging

12 year old- Gabbie Green, Hanging

10 year old-Ashanti Davis, Hanging

And so many more beautiful lives lost to cyber bullying.


We as parents and role models need to monitor our children. Talk to our children. Give them a safe place to tell us what’s going on in their daily lives. Make sure we’re there every step of the way fighting for them against bullies.

If our children are the bullies because everyone isn’t a victim and we can no longer say kids will be kids. We need to to discipline them and direct them into healthier interactions with their peers. I have a child and niece in elementary, sisters in middle and high schoool. We discuss bullying. We let them know there is nothing funny or amusing about being a bully or watching someone else be bullied.

We can’t say oh they’ll grow out of it. Number 45 President Donald Trump is a big example that they in fact may not grow out of it. We as adults sometimes encounter individuals who try to exercise their power in unhealthy ways.

So we must be the voice of reason and change with our children and community. Because, who knows if that child who was being bullied will commit suicide?

They may decide to retaliate such as 18 year old, Abel Cedeno in New York who stabbed his classmates one day killing a 14 year old  after saying he had enough of being bullied.

We as parents, guardians, aunts/uncles, siblings, and friends can no longer sit back and tell these children that they shouldn’t care. Instead we need to be proactive in telling and showing them their worth. We also should be monitoring their interactions on social media.

At least until we know that they are responsible and are mentally capable of handling the stress of unhealthy communication. That we are confident in their abilities to communicate, and use proper outlets when they are in tough situations or suffering any kind of assault or abuse.

Some of you may be saying that the school system needs to do more. But we truly need to do our parts at home.

I’m speaking from expierence of being bullied, being a bully (I did ask for forgiveness from the individuals after realizing the affect I had on them), and now witnessing it happen with my younger sisters.

If you know of your child or another child being bullied or being the bully please talk them.

For more information, and resources to help stop bullying please visit:

StopBullying.gov and KidsHealth.org

We can be the difference in helping minimize the effects of bullying in our communities. So let’s take that pledge to day to stop the hate with bullying and help create peace for our youth.





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