Family Fun Night: Imaginative Play

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It’s finally Friday! We made it you guys! I’m so thankful this week is over and I am so ready to spend time with hubby and the troops.

Weekends are so important to Josh and myself because we use that time to connect with our babies. We’ve made it intentional to be more present with them and unplugging.

This Friday we’ve decided to do Imaginative play night!

Of course we have younger children Jessye (5 months) and Caleb (1), but we like to include them. So I needed to find games that they can enjoy as well.

If you’re interested in some fun game ideas and snack ideas that you can enjoy with the troops that can create tons of laughs and smiles keep reading.

This week we’re focused on animal play.

Let’s go on a Safari

This game idea came from Faith (5). She loves it when we pretend we’re going on an adventure and we each take turns calling out an animal that we see. (This is a great way to use their imagination). We then all pretend to be the animal named making the animal sounds.

Let’s go to the circus

We each get to pick something to be and put on a circus performance. We find items around the house to use as costumes. It’s so much fun and the laughs we have from it will definetly stay with me for the rest of my life.

After a little while of this we tend to take a break and eat some of the snacks we have put out. Tonight we’re making Nachos!

Simple recipe: AE3037F3-96D5-4F5E-886A-88989DEB2096.jpeg

Bag of Doritos or Tortilla Chips

Queso dip

Shredded Cheese

Sour Cream

Taco seasoning

Ground beef/ Ground Turkey



Guacamole Recipe:

1. Dice 1/4 cup red onion. Dice 1/2 small tomatoe.

2. Slice open avacado. Add avocado to bowl. Add onion, and tomatoe.

3. Add salt, pepper, and lemon pepper seasoning.

4. Mix all together. Squirt a little lime or lemon juice on top to preventing browning and place in fridge to chill.


1. Poor chips in a bowl or large plate.

2. Top with shredded cheese and taco meat. (Prepare meat according to seasoning packet)

3. Warm queso dip and place on top of cheese and chips.

4. Add more shredded cheese.

5. Layer chips, meat, queso, and cheese once more.

6. Top with guacamole, sour cream, and salsa.

Serve immediately.


Ice Cream Sundaes for Dessert!

Ice Cream of choice

Choclate syrup or Caramel sauce

Toppings if you wish. My children are pretty simple when it comes to ice cream though. Lol

We all gather in front of the TV and watch some movies. Tonight’s movie choice is going to be Madagascar 2 which can be found on Netflix.

I hope you guys have been inspired to take some time tonight to enjoy your troops.

Have an amazing weekend,


(Photo credit: Google Images, for actual photos check out 4mommyvibez page on IG)

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