Let’s Talk: Organizing Methods

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I’ve had a few people email me asking about the steps I take in getting organized. Hence we have our organization series and in Nov. you guys will be able to see the method and systems that work for my family and myself in order to maintain organization in our home. I hope you guys are as excited as I am!

But, for now I wanted to talk to you guys about some of the methods available for you when trying to become organized.

Keep reading if this may be something that interests you!

We’ve all had moments where we look at our homes/office spaces and feel the urge to organize. We go out get the bins, baskets, filing systems, labels, etc. and then we just move things around filling these bins and baskets. So, the surface is clean but we come back at a later time and feel the dread of having to go through the bins, and baskets because in reality we didn’t fully organize. Just transferred the mess from the space into a container.

Many clients I’ve had the pleasure of working with have this same scenario occur  and when I ask if they had an idea of the type of method they wanted for the space  I end up having them look at me as if I had 9 horns protruding from my head.

I then have the pleasure of explaining that there are several methods that will help get them their desired result.

The methods we will be covering today are:

•Color Method

•Sorting Method

•Konmari Method

FA78B81B-7A48-4EFD-8AE9-7641A54DAB60.jpegColor Method: 

In short the color method is the system used to organizing your space/office by color. It’s not complicated at all and for individuals with small children this would be a great way to teach them their colors. Let’s not forget the fact that it’s also aesthically pleasing. You can choose to give each area in your home a specific color to help distinguish them. You can give each member in your family a specific color to help maintain order for chore lists, give them colored bins that  make it easy for them to take things that belong to them such as shoes and place them in their right place, organize paperwork, organize closet space etc. It’s especially helpful when you have multiple children!

21E7F2D4-848A-45EC-B9DA-8232FFFADF27Sorting Method:

The Sorting Method is the method of organizing things alphabetically, numerically, by size, color, shape, kind, etc. You notice this system mostly with shelving but it can be applied to filing systems for your paper work, kids toys, shoes, and more! It also, is aesthetically pleasing and  it’s a great way to have your children learn their numbers and alphabets. For example, my daughter knows that when organizing her shoes open toed shoes go with their kind, tennis shoes with their kind, boots, and house shoes all with their kind. She has been putting her shoes away by herself since she was 3 (once she got the hang of it). With sorting it’s all about pattern and consistency.


Konmari Method: 

The Konmari Method was developed my famed Professional organizer and author of “The life-changing Magic of Tidying Up” Marie Kondo. The focus of this method is to get rid of things that don’t bring joy into your home and organize them based off of the traditional Japanese art of cleaning. For my readers who are tired of clutter and desire a more simplified way of living I whole heartedly would recommend this method. Cleaning becomes simpler, your space feels fresher, and your home becomes more peaceful. I can’t go through every step of the book. You can always research it on your own. But, if you are set on simplifying your life this would be a great way to start.

I hope you guys enjoyed me touching briefly on some of the methods available to you guys. For more information on other methods please free to email me at momvibez1120@gmail.com.

You can also always do your research!

I’m working on a project I can’t wait for you guys to see! If you desire to have help organizing your space virtually you can also email me at momvibez1120@gmail.com. Let me know that your a community member for an amazing discount!

I’d be honored to assist you in your organization journey.

Lots of love and prayers for peace your way,



(Photo credit: Google Images for actual photos please visit 4mommyvibez on IG and stay tuned for Organization vlogs coming November 2018)

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