Wellness Wednesday: Preparing Yourself for a Diet Transition

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On to today’s post! We’re talking about how to prepare for a diet transition.

One of the hardest things that my husband and I struggled with was our diet. Of course we did the detoxing (you can check out my post on detoxing for a look at what we like to do. But we knew we needed to make this a lifestyle and not just a trend or we would be right back here in a few years. We LOVE and are passionate about our food.

If you are thinking about switching up your meals so you and your family can have a healthier diet please continue reading.

Disclaimer: This Post is for educational purposes only. I am not a licensed physician or nutritionist. I am just sharing what has been working for my family. Please consult a professional before attempting any changes to your health. Though I am confident in the methods shared I encourage you to seek a medical professionals opinion in case you have special dietary requirements.


How to know it’s time to change your diet

If you’re feeling tired, your weight has increased, your having breakouts, or  bloating. You aren’t happy with your appearance, you may struggle with things like hypertension or high blood pressure, Cholesterol levels  are through the roof. It may be time to change your diet.

I know for myself personally my body just felt off. Things started tasting weird, the smell of certain foods made me feel sick and I hated the feeling! For my husband Joshua he knew it was time for a change because he was tired of his weight fluctuating, increased headaches, feeling tired and not being able to keep up with our children.

If you can relate to any of the above then maybe you should look into a diet change.

How to prepare for the transition.

1.Plan- I know my readers are probably tired of hearing this. But with any major change you need to have a plan. You are making changes to your diet which in essence means you’ll be making changes to your body. So you need to have a plan to avoid complications.

Write out your reasons you want to change your diet and what you hope to gain from it. I’m not going to lie. It takes discipline in deciding to get grilled instead of fried, incorporating greens when you want fries, and getting your water in. But in the end your body will LOVE you for it.

When planning you need to determine if this is going to be a long term change for you and your family. (This was one of our goals to have a healthy family).

Make your meal plan. Meal planning does three things: 1. Helps you mentally prepare yourself for what’s to come. 2. Saves money for when you go shopping so you aren’t picking up things you don’t need. 3.Saves you time.


2. Know what is needed to have a BALANCED diet. So many people think healthy eating just means incorporating more greens and fruits. But, a healthy diet means incorporating items  from each food group so that your body isn’t missing any of the key vitamins and nutrients it needs to function.

Your body needs protein, calcium, fat, fiber, and carbohydrates to function properly.

For more information visit:


4490383B-2AFE-4C88-962C-F3701BC1DB2B.jpeg3.  Start slow. You don’t want to send your body into shock. So start by making the healthy switch gradually. We started by eliminating certain things and replacing them with healthy alternatives. Just make sure that you are meeting your caloric intake if you are making the switch for weight loss.

Tip: Shop on the outer aisles to stay on your goals. Things in the middle are normal things that have been processed.

254F8A82-939E-4250-8644-51C2D715F7AB.jpeg4. Experiment: Switching  your diet doesn’t have to be boring. Look up some recipes, try healthy cuisine from other cultures and refine that pallet! Not only will you come up with healthy meals but they will be satisfying as well.

06AC5FB8-A507-4752-8552-A427A9BF3E1F.jpeg5. Moderation: Everything is good in moderation. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. According to an article by The Guardian, Americans are eating larger portions than we should thus contributing to the unhealthy habits and weight gain. So, be careful with the portion sizes, because you could be eating the right things, but you just might be eating too much of it.

Check out the article here for more information: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2016/apr/25/problem-portions-eating-too-much-food-control-cutting-down

7B39AE3E-A859-4E47-A7A5-887BB80B1E58.jpeg6. Empty out the kitchen: In order to make the transition that we desired for ourselves we had to remove the temptation. (That was a cheat meal I’m still working on it). Unless you have strong will power I suggest you do the same. It’s always easier to start from scratch in my opinion. Remove the processed foods, the things that have no nutritional value. You’re family will probably look at you like your crazy (think This Is 40 kitchen scene),  but it is necessary if you want to have a long and healthy life with the people you love the most.

01C98F98-0466-40F3-A42C-F772EDD7F7197. Filter that Water: This is a whole other blog in itself. So just trust me and get yourself a good filtration device. If you can’t afford a big change start with a Brita.

B402AE29-3177-481A-8CC9-EC418ABD95278. Watch your oils, seasoning, and dressings. My husband will be the first to tell you I love my butter, salt, sauces,  and dressings. However, so many of the ones you can pick up from the store that are affordable are CRAP! You can easily make your own at home that could have a good shelf life. I’ll list a few of my favorite alternatives below:

A good replacement I found for butter is a clarified version of the original called Ghee. It’s super simple to make if you don’t want to spend tons of money at the store. See my favorite method here:


A good replacement for salt is Pink Himalayan Salt

A good and simple vinergarette can be made using olive oil, balsamic vinegar, minced garlic, salt and pepper to taste. Add mustard and raw honey to make a good honey  mustard dressing.

I hope this was a good starting point you need in discovering how to prepare yourself for a transition into a healthier diet.

Healthy habits are learned and I’m happy you’re taking the journey to better health. Health is wealth.



(Photos are brought to you from myself and google images. No intent on copyright infringement was intended from this post.)



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