Family Fun: Dance Party

Happy Friday my loves!!!!!

We made it to the weekend wooooo hooooo!

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November is possibly my most favorite time of year. Fall is my favorite season but, November is super special to me because my husband and I will be celebrating 3 years of marriage on the 20th! So, we’ll be keeping activities pretty light with pretty inexpensive family fun nights so we can treat ourselves for our anniversary.

For this family fun night activity we decided to host a dance party. Everyone in my family LOVES music. From Faith who’s 5, Caleb 1, down to Jessye who is going to be the big 6 months a week from today!

Dance parties are a great way for everyone to bond and get that pint up energy out of their system. If you’re interested in having a great dance party please keep reading!


Disclaimer: If you have neighbors please be considerate. We live in a 2 bedroom apartment, so though we do pump up the music we make sure to remind our kids to respect our neighbors. Fun doesn’t mean you should be rude. Everyone deserves respect. -Smiles

What you’ll need:


Kid friendly Music

Dress up clothes

The ones you love

Your best dance moves (for the dance off)



797A07E1-CA26-49E0-9D99-D34678443CD31. Find your songs for the party. I suggest creating a playlist specific for this night to avoid any interruptions. Who likes the crazy interruptions from pandora ads?

032FEB65-0DF9-4919-A890-BE9CEE3E9AF12. Set the snack station. Whatever snacks you have on hand should be fine. However, make it more party like with themed snacks such as cookies, cupcakes, fruits and veggie with their respective dips. I usually use ranch dressing, and a whipped cream or caramel dip. If you don’t feel like cooking pick up a few frozen pizzas and wings. You can however diy it for your family’s specific tastes. Gatorade or water to replenish those electrolytes.

D77F442D-9796-4418-9EF7-3C8AC250497D3. Pump up the volume, and get the party started. If you have glow sticks, bubble machines, or disco lights (investments I will be making this month) feel free to turn them on to make it even more legit!


4. Dress up. It is a party after all. We are going to make it a pajama dance party so that once it’s over we can just crash together in our living room. But you can get creative as you want! Try out costumes, go 70’s theme. Just make sure you all are having fun! Get to showing off your best moves!

Enjoy your laughs and fun with your kiddos.

Happy weekend,


(Photo Credit: Google Images. No intent on copyright infringement was made. For actual photos please visit IG Page: 4mommyvibez)

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