3 DIY Memorable Tree Ornaments

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I’m super excited for today’s post because we’re talking about creating Christmas tree ornaments that you can make yourself with the troops! I can’t wait to decorate our tree and add these cute DIY’s.

Stick to the end even if you don’t celebrate Christmas as these are some activities you can adapt to celebrate your family’s holiday!


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On to the fun stuff! Our beautiful DIY ornaments.



1.Picture frame ornament.

My mom has ornamens that my twin sister and I made when we were younger. It’s a cute picture frame made out of popsicle sticks. With a photo of rough haired , smiling,  4 year old twins. These ornaments have lasted 22 years!

What you’ll need:


Popsicle Sticks

Hot glue gun with glue sticks

Photo of choice (Wallet size)


Elmer’s liquid paste

Glue Stick

Construction paper

Deocorative stickers and charms

Permanent marker


Sponge brush

Paper plate

Laminator and sleeves (optional)




1. Choose color of construction paper you want to have as a background for your photo.

2.Glue photo to construction paper using glue stick. Cut out shape you want your frame to be and place into laminate sheet. Close sheet and slowly add into ready laminator to preserve photo. (Optional, if you don’t have a laminator skip this part.)

3. Take popsicle sticks and drizzle liquid glue on them. (You can also use modpodge and sponge brush for this part.) Not too much! Just enough for the glitter to stick to it beautifully. Shake desired colored glitter on top of sticks and shake off excess glitter. (Do over paper plate for easy clean up.)

4. Allow sticks to dry completely! Once the glitter sticks are dry add a layer of Modpodge on top. Don’t worry the Modpodge will allow the glitter to stay attached and prevents shedding. Without the white pasty look.

5. Once sticks are dry, place them in a frame shape around photo making sure it fits the photo you’ve glued to construction paper earlier. Place glue sticks glitter side face down. Carefully dot hot glue on points of connection with the glue sticks. Hold in place, be quick as hot glue hardens quickly.

6. Take the  photo you laminated and fit to frame. Using hot glue around it’s boarders secure photo to frame. Add desired stickers, gems, and other decorations to customize your frame.

7. Measure ribbon to frame. Center ribbon on back of frame and staple to place. Tie ribbon into bow and wollah, it’s ready to hang on your tree.


2. Hand Print Ornament

This is something I wish I started when Faith was a baby. But no worries, we’re starting now! A way for us moms and dads to remember our babies as they grow up and can do with the future troops.

What you’ll need

4 cups of All purpose flour

1 Cup of Salt

1 1/2 Cups of Warm Water


Cookie Sheet

Oven mits


Mixing Bowl

Rolling pin

Cookie cutters


1. Preheat oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

2.  Place flour, salt, and water in bowl. Knead from 5 to 10 minutes until dough is formed. If too dry add water, too wet add flour.

3. Flour surface. Once complete roll out dough onto surface . Have children place hand prints into dough. (Option cut out shapes using cookie cutter and then have children add hand prints)

4. Once you have handprints cut out desired shape of ornament. You can use the hand and shape the dough as an ornament. You can cut a heart. Use your imagination.

5. When you have desired shape of ornament add it to the prelined cookie sheet. Use straw to poke hole in center of ornament or corner. Place into oven for1-1.5 hours until set. (Keep an eye on it because you don’t want it to crack!)

6. Remove ornaments and allow to cool completely before decorating.

7.Paint frame. Let dry before adding decorations. When you finish decorating add name, age, and year of the person it belongs to on the back.  Once complete add ribbon and place on tree!


3. Personalized Ornament

I love the monogrammed or named ornaments you can have made. But what would make it super special is customizing it at home and it’s so simple!

What you’ll need

Bulb ornament, color of choice.( I recommend getting child’s favorite color.)

Alphabet and number sticker sheets. (I reccommend the sticker sheets that have 2 rows of each letter if you can find them. Walmart and Michael’s have them!)


Ornament hooks or ribbon.


1. Have each member of the family grab their favorite color for their ornament.

2. Have them place their sticker name on the ornament. (Nicknames are the cutest) Caleb will have Boogey because he loves to dance lol.

3. Add their number for the age they are when they make the ornament.

4. Have them add stickers of things they love this year on the ornament.

5. Add modge Podge layer to secure everything in place.

6. Add ribbon or hook and it’s ready to hang.


Hope you enjoyed the post and use one one of these to create ornaments for your loved ones to look back on. You can even use these for a Christmas party activity!


For those of you celebrating Hannukah instead of Christmas ornaments you could create shapes that represent your holiday. The menorah, dreidels, gold coins, etc. as cute keepsakes for your family.

A very happy holiday from my family to yours.




(Photo Credit: Google Images. I do not own the tights to these images. No copyright infringement was meant by the post.)

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