Organizing Series: What you need in your organization kit

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We’re close to finishing the organization series you guys!  So I thought today’s topic should be all about what you should have in your organization kit.

Just like Dr’s have their kits, and mechanics have their tools. We organizers  have our kits too. It wouldn’t be fair to leave you guys with all the information and not tell you what you need to finish the job.

Let’s get started:


Bag or Box: You’ll want something large enough to house your measuring tape, label maker, permanent marker, snacks, water, checklist, camera, etc.


Permanent Marker: You’ll want to have a permanent marker to label your boxes so you know where things are to go once you’ve taken them out of the space.


Label Maker: Pretty self explanatory. But you will want to have a label maker so that you can quickly label your storage boxes, and bins. Labels are super helpful when using containers that aren’t transparent.


Measuring Tape: Measuring tape is always good to have when deciding on the size of organization systems, drawers, bins, etc. that you’ll want to add to your space. I can’t tell you how many people buy the containers atorage systems and it is either too big or too small for the space!

BA5BBA97-7A3D-49EF-A236-C1E5978987F4Tape: To close up those boxes that are going to be donated and given away.

B71CFC70-3C2D-428D-A561-C7DE243D8A85Post it notes: For things you may want to come back to. Tip: Use colors to distinguish the rooms/ categories the items belong to.


Camera: You want to have a camera (you could also use your phone) to take pictures of things that you’re going to get rid of so you can have them remembered. You also want to have a camera to take before and after photos of your space so you can think of how you’d like to redesign the space!


Water: We want to stay hydrated so that we can keep going. Having water on hand prevents you from needing to stop. Organizing  can  become overwhelming and tiring. But it’s so worth it.


Snacks: Same reason as having water. You want to be able to get energized quickly so that you can keep the pace to organizing your space. (Didn’t mean to rhyme, but hey. Lol)


Gloves: You’ll want to have gloves when working in spaces you know you haven’t touched in awhile. Especially if there is dust, and cob webs. Thank me later.


Trash bags: You’ll always want to have trash bags on hand to get rid of the junk and trash your space has acquired. Again, it’s all about keeping up the pace.


Hand Sanitizer: In case you have something super gross you come in contact with. I don’t have to tell you children and animals can find some pretty clever ways to hide their messes.


Cleaning supplies:  You want to have cleaners, paper towels, dusters, micro fiber towels, etc. on hand to sanitize the space when you’ve finished decluttering. It’s always easier to work as you go so that you don’t have to keep revisiting the same spaces over and over again.


Checklist: You want to have your checklist ready so that you can mark off things you’ve completed. It helps you keep track of your time and to know what task you should complete next.


Tools: From my experience you never know when you’ll need to put something together or take something apart. So a universal screwdriver set and pliers are always a good thing to have on hand.


Batteries: For when you find that lost remote. Lol

8AE8D5DC-F268-4CA5-B329-6A16A36C279AFolders/ Binders: For when you go through the paper clutter it’s a great way to keep track of important paper work. Use different colors to separate important paper work by category.


Scissors: To cut the tape and whatever else that needs to be cut loose.


Music: Some of you can skip this step if you work best in silence. But music encourages a lot of people to stay motivated when completing tough tasks.


Notepad and pen: To keep track of measurements for the space. Note the things that have been set aside for donation (tax purposes). Things to be sold, and things that are to go to specific people.


Mini First Aid Kit: Accidents happen. It’s always better to be safe and prepared.

Anything else you think you may need, feel free to add it to this kit. This is my ultimate tool kit.  Because once again less is more.

Side Note: I’m working on getting videos out to you guys because I have a lot of people asking me to show them how to do certain techniques etc. So look out for my post notifying you of the 4mommyvibez Youtube Channel launch!

Thank you for your patience, and  thank you for your support. I love you guys.

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Organization Series: Command Centers

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SN: If you haven’t gone out to vote make sure you do so. All 435 seats are up for grabs and we want to make sure the right people get into office who have the best intenetions for America and not just a select few. Governors and Mayors are also on the ballots. Research their stance on policies that affect your family such as healthcare, gun control, etc. in order to make an informed decision!

On to Today’s Topic: Command Centers. If you don’t know what a command center is let me tell you what you’ve been missing.


(Photo Credit:Pinterest)

A command center is an area in your home or office that keeps you organized  on all things going on with your family for that day, week, or month. You can customize it to fit YOUR family needs and it’s so simple to create!

What you’ll need:


Calendar: I just purchased a beautiful dry erase calendar from Target but you can use a paper one you have on hand.


(Photo Credit:Target 9.99)

A notepad or dry erase board: I’ll be using a picture frame from the dollar store with some card stock paper on the inside and the dry erase markers I’ll have on hand. You use this area as a place for to do list and reminders for yourself. You can also use a board to post your meal plans and shopping list for the week!


(Photo Credit: Amazon: Retails $129.00)

A desk or table: This would be used for your baskets and storage purposes for things like pens, Dry erase markers, etc. I am waiting on my desk portion to come in. I am DIY’ing this item because I refuse to pay $129.00 right now as it’s just way out of my budget. Plus, I can customize it to address my specific needs for my family! Checkout the link below to see where I obtained the idea and stay tuned for my own DIY tutorial on how I plan to do my desk! My customization costs less than $40.00!

Baskets for incoming and outgoing: I have these baskets I purchased from target that match the gold in my calendar. This is where Mail, Faith’s folders for school, etc. will go for you to look over.


(Photo Credit: Target-$4.99)

A basket or bowl: This item doesn’t need to be big. It’s just a drop area for things that usually get misplaced such as your keys, checkbooks, and wallet. If you or your significant other are anything like my husband this will save you so much time in the mornings. I’ll be using baskets and bowls like this onebecause they are on hand from Target. I’ll just be spray painting the inside gold so it matches my theme.


(Photo Credit: Target:$6.99)

Additional boards: You can make the command center as specific as you want! You can add additional boards for everyone in your family to keep track of their chores, activities, etc.


(Photo Credit:Amazon $30.00)

Coat hooks: Awesome for storing book bags, keys, jackets, and purses for on the go in the morning!

Your command center can be as simple or complex as you want to make it. The purpose is to have everyone on the same page simplifying your day because you would be able to plan accordingly.

For some motivation on command center ideas checkout Pinterest. Don’t forget to stay tuned for my command center transformation. I’m just waiting on the desk shipment and ai’ll be Able to get that up for you guys!




Let’s Talk: Organizing Methods

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I’ve had a few people email me asking about the steps I take in getting organized. Hence we have our organization series and in Nov. you guys will be able to see the method and systems that work for my family and myself in order to maintain organization in our home. I hope you guys are as excited as I am!

But, for now I wanted to talk to you guys about some of the methods available for you when trying to become organized.

Keep reading if this may be something that interests you!

We’ve all had moments where we look at our homes/office spaces and feel the urge to organize. We go out get the bins, baskets, filing systems, labels, etc. and then we just move things around filling these bins and baskets. So, the surface is clean but we come back at a later time and feel the dread of having to go through the bins, and baskets because in reality we didn’t fully organize. Just transferred the mess from the space into a container.

Many clients I’ve had the pleasure of working with have this same scenario occur  and when I ask if they had an idea of the type of method they wanted for the space  I end up having them look at me as if I had 9 horns protruding from my head.

I then have the pleasure of explaining that there are several methods that will help get them their desired result.

The methods we will be covering today are:

•Color Method

•Sorting Method

•Konmari Method

FA78B81B-7A48-4EFD-8AE9-7641A54DAB60.jpegColor Method: 

In short the color method is the system used to organizing your space/office by color. It’s not complicated at all and for individuals with small children this would be a great way to teach them their colors. Let’s not forget the fact that it’s also aesthically pleasing. You can choose to give each area in your home a specific color to help distinguish them. You can give each member in your family a specific color to help maintain order for chore lists, give them colored bins that  make it easy for them to take things that belong to them such as shoes and place them in their right place, organize paperwork, organize closet space etc. It’s especially helpful when you have multiple children!

21E7F2D4-848A-45EC-B9DA-8232FFFADF27Sorting Method:

The Sorting Method is the method of organizing things alphabetically, numerically, by size, color, shape, kind, etc. You notice this system mostly with shelving but it can be applied to filing systems for your paper work, kids toys, shoes, and more! It also, is aesthetically pleasing and  it’s a great way to have your children learn their numbers and alphabets. For example, my daughter knows that when organizing her shoes open toed shoes go with their kind, tennis shoes with their kind, boots, and house shoes all with their kind. She has been putting her shoes away by herself since she was 3 (once she got the hang of it). With sorting it’s all about pattern and consistency.


Konmari Method: 

The Konmari Method was developed my famed Professional organizer and author of “The life-changing Magic of Tidying Up” Marie Kondo. The focus of this method is to get rid of things that don’t bring joy into your home and organize them based off of the traditional Japanese art of cleaning. For my readers who are tired of clutter and desire a more simplified way of living I whole heartedly would recommend this method. Cleaning becomes simpler, your space feels fresher, and your home becomes more peaceful. I can’t go through every step of the book. You can always research it on your own. But, if you are set on simplifying your life this would be a great way to start.

I hope you guys enjoyed me touching briefly on some of the methods available to you guys. For more information on other methods please free to email me at

You can also always do your research!

I’m working on a project I can’t wait for you guys to see! If you desire to have help organizing your space virtually you can also email me at Let me know that your a community member for an amazing discount!

I’d be honored to assist you in your organization journey.

Lots of love and prayers for peace your way,



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Organization Series: Time 2 Declutter

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Today’s post we’re going to focus on decluttering our homes and office spaces. We’ve all heard the saying “Out with the old and in with the new.” That’s exactly what we are going to do!

Many people struggle with organization because they get stuck at the decluttering stage. If this so happens to be you I encourage you to continue reading as I am going to give  you some tips on how to declutter like a PRO!

Let’s get started!


Tip Number 1: Choose Your Starting Point

I think the number one complaint I get from my clients is I don’t know where to start! There are several ways you can start:

-Start in an area that gives you the most headache. By conquering the beast you’ll build your confidence for the rest of your home/office/ car or wherever area it is that requires a little TLC.

-Start in a common area. A lot of my clients like to start small and work their way through the rest of the home/office/ car, etc. Most of the time my clients choose a space such as the kitchen or family room and work their way through the rest of the home.

-Top to bottom or bottom to top. Sometimes I like to create a goal list based off of my clients need. By having them start from the least used area to the most cluttered or vice versa I am once again boosting my clients confidence in organizing their space by having them take this approach.

Tip # 2 Prioritize by creating sorting piles.

One of the easiest way to declutter is by creating category piles and turning those piles into more manageable piles. Example for paper clutter I like to do:

Bill Pile

Magazines/ Newspapers

Important documents


*For paper if you can go paperless DO IT! If you are afraid to go wireless than I recommend only keeping the most recent of the documents and scanning all previous copies onto a usb for back up purposes. Of course if it’s an important document you want to have the originals in a safe place and certified copies in a safety deposit box. Other wise when one new item comes in two must go.

Tip #3: Create subgroups.

Group items into several categories by itemizing type I.E. Papers, Clothes, Shoes, Toys, etc.

Once you have your categories you can now make your subgroups to sort through I suggest 5 subgroups.

The subgroups that I tend to use with my clients are as follows:



Donate- (Make sure you take the items to a non-profit organization to obtain proper paper work so that you can get a Tax Credit!)

Family/ Friend gift

Come back later-(By the time you get to this pile you would have mastered whether you really want to keep the item or get rid of it.)

Tip #4: Consider importance.

I have had clients that I consider my Free Spirit Personality types. These are the individuals most people call pack rats or hoarders. I find it’s easier to work with them by going through each subgroup and determine the actual value of the item to the person rather than trying to force them to get rid of things.

For instance if they have 3 coffee pots I tell them to keep the one they are most frequented to use. Give two away. If they give me concerns about something happening to that one I tell them to keep the newest one and get rid of the current one in use if that’s their concern.

For family heirlooms I recommend taking photos of things that can’t be used unless it is extremely valuable than I recommend a safety deposit box, giving it to someone who could use it and WILL take care of it, or auction the item in private sales for collectors who will appreciate the value of the item.

For baby items from children I recommend creating a special box in which they frame the hospital hat, baby bracelet, first outfit, stats from birth. Everything else can me put into a photo album, the rest can go if it can’t be passed down. (No one wants your troops tattered blankets or clothes. Only give what you would want to receive.)

It takes a little negotiating but you are the only one who can determine if you truly need an item or if you could use the space for something more important. For storage units if you don’t have anywhere for the items to go within one year I recommend auctioning/ or selling the items in the unit off.

*On average an individual can spend upwards of $1,000 just storing items in a box that they may never use again. So just think about that and be REASONABLE.

Tip #5 Complete one area at a time.

Once you have COMPLETELY decluttered a room and only then should you finish organizing the room by evaluating the space, determining the bins, storage systems, etc. before moving onto another room/task. Otherwise you may spend money on things you don’t need or may not even have space for. The goal is to declutter not create more space for more things.

We want to remain tasteful not tacky.

Tip Number 6: Priortize a Routine

Once you’ve completed organizing an area make sure you set a time to come back to it periodically based on the frequent use of the space to make sure you maintain the order. For example, a kitchen is used everyday. So it’ll be simple to make sure things are being put back in the proper place.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

IIf you’re interested in more organization tips or would like to see how it’s done stay tuned for the 4mommyvibez Vlog series coming this November!

Until we meet again,

Happy Organizing


Organization Series: Let’s Talk About Systems

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Today we’re going to continue our organization series. Today’s topic is going to be all about systems. Now I know some of you rolled you eyes but systems don’t only keep you functional, but they can be aesthetically pleasing, and if you stick to them even fun to keep up! I promise you I’m not a mad woman, well maybe a little. But my 5 year old loves the systems I’ve chosen because they are easy for upkeep and if you have high functioning needs children it can help them manage with more ease. (I’m not a therapist I am just a mom saying what has worked for my family.)

There are many systems to work from but I’m going to give a basic breakdown of the types of systems and use my family systems as an example.

*Stay tuned for my vlog series that’ll be posted on Wed. coming soon on setting up systems in the home. My family and I recently moved so I have decided to seize this opportunity to show you how I keep my family organized. Nov. 2018!

pile of covered books

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Paper systems

We all have had the drawer or counter where we have stored our paper clutter. Always using the excuse I’ll come back to it later. Before we know it our later turns into weeks, weeks to months, and then we’re stuck with piles of paper we dread having to go through. We don’t want to throw the piles away because there may be something important in the mix thus the importance of a paper system.

Of course your first thought is to let me get a filing drawer, bin, etc. But then you will just end up with bins/drawers stuffed with the papers around the house.

My tip: Simplify

1.Go paperless for the things you can such as bills, bank statements, and coupons.

2. Create a filing system for things like your monthly financial plans and budgets. Create an important documents binder for important paperwork your family needs such as records from your physician, insurance plans, wills. etc. and store it in a secret location so they are accessible at a moment of emergency. Keep certified copies of those documents in a safety deposit box at  your banking institute.

3. In with the new and out with the old. If you have a monthly newspaper or magazine subscription recycle the old one. If there is something you MUST keep such as a recipe take a photo of it and store it in a file on your computer.  For things like coupons have a coupon binder (I tell you how to coupon and how to create a system for your coupons  in my coupon manual. Email me for purchase

4.If you MUST keep paper for things because of a home business make sure you keep a filing drawer. Organize by topic, date, and alphabetical order with labeled file tabs.*You can also scan copies on to a trusted device, as well as a portable USB drive in case an accident arises.

The idea came from working as a Leasing Consultant. I hated having tons of paper everywhere and needed to make my job more efficient for my fellow coworkers and potential tenants.

A8A8D3DD-FFDA-48E6-81F6-589B00DEF994Clothes and shoes

If you are someone with a lot of clothes Ikea and the container store has some AMAZING clothes systems available that you can customize based off of your family needs. If you aren’t the type who wants to spend money on those systems no fear continue reading.

My Tip:Bins, Hangers, and Storage Containers

Many of us are aware of the seasonal bins. If you aren’t all you are doing is switching out the clothing for your home by season. The clothes and shows for the current season is then organized into 4 categories: Home, School, Play, Outing. This way your children (and spouses know where they can find an outfit and shoes by need. I can’t tell you how this tip has not only saved me time, but money because I am able to identify clothes and shoes needs and donate the things they have outgrown at the end of each season. This also makes decluttering a breeze!

For dirty clothes use a dirty clothes sorter available for purchase from Amazon. Not only are they life savers for keeping clothes sorted by color, but they are easy to transport as well!

I take an OCD route because I feel it just looks better but I use the Konmari folding method, and hang things by color, size, material.

This idea came from working at an Old Navy in college. I loved how easy it was to locate the size and color of item I wanted. Also, I hate ironing so anything that can ease the task.


Toys and Books

I am the type of person who will allow my kids to throw toys around the house. But they do have bins when it is time to clean up. Books of course are stored in bins on their book case. Bins are assorted by type i.e activity, writing, story etc. They also have containers for puzzles (my 5 year old loves puzzles), art supplies, etc.

My Tip:

Colored bins. My children know that if they want a certain book or activity there is a bin they can go to. Not only is it a great way to minimize things being tossed around but it is also a great way for them to learn about their colors! When it comes to clean up they know which color bin they took the items from and toss it in. This leaves less work for mommy!

This idea came from nannying. I needed to find a way to help my kids find what they needed without making my job harder when it was time to clean before having them transition into their night routines.


Closets seem to be one of the biggest issues I come across when organizing space. The issue comes from not maximizing the opportunity for space. They throw things in not really caring how and then one day an avalanche of things comes falling on top of you.

My tip:

Door hangers baksets/ bins. You can easily locate a Thrift store or good well and upcycle or re-purpose bins and baskets for cents! Anyways, grab an inexpensive door hanger with slots for things you can easily retrieve such as cleaning supplies. (A great way to prevent the troops from having access to them.) For the bins you can neatly line them with your linen and towels. For sheets easily fold them and place them inside one another to maximize shelf space. For toilet paper and paper towels neatly place stack them in your containers for easy access.

This idea came from a Pinterest Post. I loved how easy and appealing it looked.


We touched on meal planning in one of my other blog posts. (see Meal Planning Like a Boss). Meal planning helps you keep track of the food supplies you need for the home. Food used to go to waste and yet I would still have a pantry of food!

My tip: Meal planning and Labeled Storage Containers

Meal planning helps you identify what you need! Of course there are the miscellaneous snacks and special treats. But if you meal plan you avoid having cans, packets, thrown all over the place without you having to wonder if it’s still good.

I organize my pantry shelves with bins based off of use such as pasta, snacks, baking, etc. I make sure to store the things that need to be used on top/front, so that it doesn’t go to waste. I got the idea from a friend who worked at a grocery store back home.

64DF9E58-8CF6-47B2-B0BE-56C6D453A9A8Final Tip: Command Centers

Having a command center saved my life! No really. It simplified everything for me and the great thing is you can customize it however you want. I personally use a calendar so my husband and I can keep track of everything happening in the month and add it to our personal planners. We have bins on the desk labeled In and Out. In this bin are folders where my daughter puts her things  from school. It has helped me keep track of the assignments she needs to complete,fundraisers, forms that need to be signed, etc. There is also a note pad where my husband and I can write notes so we don’t forget things, a key hook for our keys duh. A place for our wallets, checkbooks, etc.

Have fun with your command center! Remember it is there to help you create balance not become another chore.


I hope you guys gained something from this blog. If you have any tips or would like for me to touch on something in regards to organization from my experience please feel free to comment below or send me an email. I am currently taking clients for my Professional Organization Business on a virtual level! If this is something you feel you would be interested in please send me an email

Happy organizing


Photos brought to you by google images. There are no intentions of copy infringement. For photos of actual organizing please stay tuned for the upcoming vlog series.

Meal Planning Like a BOSS!

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Okay on to the topic for today, meal planning! Meal planning has been a complete game changer for my family and has improved the balance in our lives. Not only does it save money but TIME the thing we all can use more of.

I’ll provide some information and tips below, as well as a some free templates I use for you guys if this is something you see working for your family as well.

variety of cooked dishes

Photo by Burst on


Why Meal Plan

Are you asking why meal plan and how does meal planning work in creating a more balanced life?  If you find yourself spending excess money at the grocery store because you go in not really knowing what you want and find yourself throwing away tons of food because no one had time to eat it before it went bad, then meal planning is for you! Maybe you just want to save time by having things on hand and are tired of having to eat processed food. Meal planning is for you. If you are looking to improve the overall health of your household then yes miss meal planning is for you.  Lastly, you find yourself wanting to save and you don’t know where to start making cuts but you eat out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner several days out of the week. Meal planning is for you! Now that we have answered those questions.

How do we meal plan?

There are several ways to meal plan.

  1. You can plan your meals weekly, biweekly or monthly! Grab your calendar, your pen, and your phone or tablet. Google or( my personal favorite) Pinterest recipes for meal planning is an easy starting point.
  2. Meal planning does not have to be boring. Make it fun! Have different theme nights during the week. This way you can refine your pallets with delicious recipes from around the world and not get tired of the same chicken, beef, or fish meals your family have grown accustomed to.* Tip for the moms with picky eaters. Have your picky eaters get involved with meal planning! This way you can make meals they like and can also sneak things in that they normally wouldn’t eat.
  3. Make it colorful! A colorful plate is a beautiful plate and can leave you assured that your family has had a balanced meal!

What do I need to get started

  • Meal planning is easier than you think. There are plenty of resources online to help you get started. Below you will find a link to my favorite meal planner. But meal planning is as simple as you using a sheet of paper, and deciding what you would like to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the specified time you designate. For my family we meal plan our meals biweekly.
  • Meal planning helps me prepare for meal prepping through the week because I know I will have all of the ingredients for my meals on hand! I personally meal prep 2-3 days out of the week (depending on the meals I don’t like for things to sit) . Which will be in a post to come!

Benefits of meal planning

  1. Saves money. Meal planning has helped us save hundreds (my bill from the store for our family of 4 (5 month old isn’t on solids of course) would be anywhere from $150-$200 weekly. We’re not even going to talk about all of the bread, cereals, fruits and fresh vegetables that I would have to throw out. I got tired of wasting the money and my husband wasn’t pleased either of the waste. Now, we spend anywhere from $80-$120.00 biweekly. That’s only $40-$60 a week! By meal planning my family has saved over $400.00 in the last month. This of course includes the money we’ve saved by not eating out.
  2. It improves the quality of your health. My family and I have become healthier. I have lost 30 out of my 70 lb weight loss goal from the baby and my husband has lost 25 lbs out of his 60 lb weight-loss goal just by switching up our diets. Both my husband and I have realized that we have a lot more energy to chase our troops around and actually engage in play instead of lying there like jungle gyms. My kids have also been more satisfied with their meals, and less likely to want to snack as often. Also, they have calmed down dramatically! We never gave them things high in sugar like soft drinks and cookies. However, there definitely has been a difference in hyper-activeness that we have noticed.
  3. Meal planning saves time! By taking out the time to meal plan and meal prep you can save tons of time. I never knew how much time it used to take for me to decide daily on what my family would eat and to prepare meals. I can now enjoy the evenings with my family and enjoy play and movie times with the time I have saved with meal planning!

I hope that this quick tip and guide to meal planning has helped you decide on if meal planning is for you and your family. If it is please let me know in the comments how it has benefited you and your family. Also, if there is anything I may have missed please add to the discussion in the comments below.

Happy planning,


Ashley’s favorite meal planning templates:




Organization Series:How to identify your style of organization

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Enough about that let’s get into Today’s blog. Welcome to the Organization Series! If you have any great content on home systems that work for you then please share in the comments. Today’s post is identifying your style of organization so that we can later determine the best method for you and your family!

As someone who has fallen in love with the joys of organization because I mean who doesn’t love a way to make your daily tasks easier? I decided to start a business from it, though I have taken a break because I have two very small children and a 5 year old. I do still keep up with the trends as there are many so that I can share them with my friends and family who seem to struggle with staying ahead of the mess! Whether by fate or coincidence you lucky readers are going to be able to identify your style of organization and method in order to get ideas on how to organize your home so that it flows better and you will have more time to spend enjoying the things you love!

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Let’s get to it!

  1. Determine the time you have to commit to cleaning during the week. I base my clients organization system for their home based on the time they are able to designate to cleaning their homes during the week. Are you able to clean your whole house in one day or are you someone who can only spare 1 hour a day? The key here is to identifying your capabilities not the next woman’s.
  2. Determine the best method for yourself. Are you a minimalist meaning the fewer things to pick up the better? The Konmari Method would be best suited for you (this is the method celebrities and Youtubers are raving about!) It’s focus is to simplify the home with cool tones that make your home feel amazing. Are you someone who loves colors and patterns associated with one another? Color coding would suit you the best. What about size, shape, material or maybe alphabetical order? The sorting method would best suit you. If you are someone who just wants things to look nice in no specific fashion then you just require a basic storage package that maximizes space.
  3. Determine the type of home you have and then then determine the type of home you want. We all have seen Khloes home with her pantry and cookie jar set up. Are you that everything has a place and that place has a color type of individual? Are you that I have some type of organization going on but it just needs to be de-cluttered? Maybe you’re the no specific order type but it’s clean. Finally you’re the individual’s who home is a complete mess, nothing has a place and nothing is organized. Remember no judgement we’re just trying to determine the method that will work for you!
  4. Set your goal! Here is the fun part from what you have identified from the previous steps it’s time to decide what style of home you’d like for yourself. Would you like the minimalist type of home where you have storage, basic colors such as white, beige, and gray? Would you like the beautiful color system where each room has a color scheme such as kids room red, living room blue, etc? The sorted house where everything has it’s place and storage for everything? Are you just the mom who will be happy with a storage system to maximize space that will be easy for you and your troops to put up in no time? *Keep in mind if you are going to delegate tasks you want to make sure the method you choose can be easily adapted by your family. Be realistic when determining the method you want to implement in your home.

The key here isn’t just to have a beautiful home. It’s to have a system or systems in place that suits your family, makes cleaning more efficient,  and maximizes the time for you to spend with them.

Next Monday, I am going to give you my system on how to properly de-clutter your home (paper, clothes, toys, etc.) and purge so that you can identify the storage system that will work for your home. I hope you  take this week to really think of the points posted above so that we can become organized together in order to find the right balance for you and your family.

Tomorrows post we’re going to focus on Meal Planning like a boss!

With love